Amiga - Eagleplayer 2.05

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Amiga - Eagleplayer 2.05

Μη αναγνωσμένη δημοσίευσηαπό VincentGR » Παρ Νοέμ 25, 2016 4:32 pm

Μια νέα (παλιά) έκδοση του περίφημου mod player, κυκλοφόρησε για τις κλασσικές.
Αρκετά optimizations στον κώδικα και πλέον τρέχει σε 68000 μηχανάκια.


CHANGES since last release (read the documentation/history for more details)
- fixed Eagleplayer to work on 68000 again (some plugins are still 68020+)
- mixed sound output completely rewritten:
- AHI support
- 8 Bit Amplifier is now considerably faster (even works on 68000)
- unified 14 Bit Paula, Toccata and AHI codebase
- choice between normal nearest neighbor mixing and polyphase sinc
filtered resampling (68040/40, 68060 or Vampire required)
- built-in click reduction algorithm
- TRUE HIGH FIDELITY SOUND IN 14 Bit Paula MODE by means of a filter
(highboost) which compensates for the Amiga reconstruction lowpass,
enabling a near flat frequency response in a range of up to 18 kHz
(tuned for 28 kHz and 44 kHz mixing rates)
- FFT-Analyzer:
- faster
- less artifacts (skip internal mixing if mixing Amplifiers are active,
apply Kaiser window to FFT inputs, higher dynamic range in spectrogram
- optional minimal mode for BifatGUI: reduced number of controls
- included EMPYGui24 and EagleAMPGui in the Aminet distribution
- ID3v2 support for MP3 (includes workaround for initialization issue in
- Dirlistviewer/BifatGUI: direct mouse wheel support (without the need for

- not much beta testing, please notify me about encountered issues
- read the documentation about how to get the best possible performance
and/or sound quality (TL;DR: use 8/14 Bit Amplifiers without extra
soundcard, use Toccata Amplifier for soundcards with Toccata driver
or emulation, use AHI on _fast_ Amigas with other soundcards)
- by default, Eagleplayer will rely on file naming schemes to decide which
external replayer to load (Eagleplayer.batch), so if it reports an
unknown module type, it might be necessary to add the name pattern to
the batch file
- the Catalogs haven´t been updated. Some dialogs are outdated and the
one or other term is English only. Sorry.
- The installer has been removed for this release. You can just unpack the
Archive somewhere to your harddrive and run EP. I`d suggest to
have reqtools,AHI,XPK, guigfx-/render.library, mpega.library and
asyncio.library installed.

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Re: Amiga - Eagleplayer 2.05

Μη αναγνωσμένη δημοσίευσηαπό alex76gr » Παρ Νοέμ 25, 2016 9:43 pm

Εμπρός καλή μου 1200!
Ευχαριστώ Δημήτρη.

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