MS-DOS 5 issues

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MS-DOS 5 issues

Μη αναγνωσμένη δημοσίευσηαπό aaronpawlak » Σάβ Απρ 14, 2018 10:22 am


So I grabbed the DOS 5 patch from Mikes website and after some playing around I managed to get a 360k disk patched and the system boots to the prompt, but there are some weird issues going on here:The Keyboard won't work. When I hit any key all I get is a beep, no characters at all. The keyboard works in the ROM Basic. It does this if it is wired or wireless.It won't install the second floppy. The JrConfig.dsk summery screen says only 1 disk drive, but it does change the screen mode and enables the full 640kb of RAM.I get Insufficient disk space when I try to copy to the C:, this one is probably easy to solve, I probably just need to make a larger RAM drive, though I can't check it because of #1 above.

Please help.

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