Prince of Persia ( BBC Master 128) !!!

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Prince of Persia ( BBC Master 128) !!!

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Πως ξεκίνησαν όλα /Code

The project kicked off in April 2017. Kieran had mentioned his interest in the 6502 Apple source code for Prince Of Persia, and expressed some mad ideas to get it working on the BBC Micro,
which seemed like crazy talk back then since the two machines are similar in some ways but very different in others.
Soon enough, Kieran had cracked the animation tables too, so we enjoyed seeing how he’d managed to get the Kid running on the spot. Of course it was initially hacky and flickery, but it worked well enough.

Suddenly, the Kid was in there too, you could control him. Then the active sprites and level features started working, then enemies, then more levels - yep, we said, Kieran’s not messing about here.

But this is when it started getting trickier. Cramming all of the data and sprites and code into an 8-bit machine like the BBC is no mean feat and availability of RAM quickly became a problem. Many clever tricks were needed (and I’m sure Kieran will share some technical insights on that topic sometime soon).

After some deliberations, we realized it would only feasibly run on a 128Kb machine - the BBC Master.


Now at the same time, Kieran was battling to make the game render sprites fast enough to not be flickery,

High-resolution low-colour, VS low-resolution high-colour = low-resolution high-colour BBC Master shadow display RAM > double buffering of the screen >silky smooth and flicker free

John Blythe, a wonderfully talented artist, who took all of the ruff conversions of the orginal converted Apple 8-bit pixel sprites and images and remastered every single one.


Simon remastered all of the music from the original PC version of the game for the BBC’s SN76489 sound chip. Simon nearly lost his mind trying to convert the music to 4Mhz chip tunes, but we overcame! We fixed it! We crammed it into memory! We got it working. We added sound effects. We added music. We added cutscene songs.

Τελικό ξεσκαρτάρισμα->Γραμμή τερματισμού

So although we were using almost every trick and byte in the machine we still kept running out of space to cram it all in. So we rallied, data was crunched, code was optimized, and somehow Kieran squeezed it all onto a single 200Kb disc image
Now its time for… Testing the builds. Fixing the bugs. Nailing the snags.

.... cramming for an Easter release deadline was almost like a real project! :)

Prince of Persia για BBC Master 128 από τους Bitshifters Kieran/Code , Art by John Blythe/Graphics, Simon Sounds & Music

Official site του παιχνιδιού από τους >>> ... -beeb.html

Direct Download link >>> Prince of Persia ( BBC Master 128)

>>> Παίξτε το online/μέσω browser

>>> source code


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